Friday, October 3, 2008


I really don't know about all this bloggy stuff. I am so busy, but it seems that everyone is doing it so I should too! (wait, isn't that what we were taught not to do?)  Anyway - I want mine to be all cute and picture-y and stuff, but don't know how!
Anyone willing to help? I guess I need to read others as well. So - I guess this is an open invitation to let the blogging begin. 
I'll just give a brief update on the Bird Hairs...
Micah, now 3, is a handful. He is in daycare a few days a week while mommy is at school and daddy is at work. He plays with his friend Gavin at daycare and Gavin(4) in return gives micah free haircuts. Should have taken a picture. Thanks Gavin. Anyway - he's such a blondie and it seems to be growing out fast. Micah loves CARS, CARS, and CARS. He thinks every trip to walmart or target is solely for the purpose of buying him cars. At last count it was 100+.  He is also into tranformers, ironman, and thomas. Surprise surprise. I can't get him to tell me what he wants to be for halloween, but  I think he is going to lose his option to choose and be ironman. He's already got the mask and the repulsor disk thingy anyway....why not?
Sean is working for Divirsified Insurance Benefits as a data analyst and underwriter. He loves working there and has been there since June. Before going there he was an office manager for a prosthetics office in Salt Lake. Sunday he is leaving for a week training in Columbus, OH. YAY for me.... I'll be starting a new quarter of school that day after he leaves and will be alone for a week.
The "Hairs" are going for their annual fall drive tomorrow. We head up big cottonwood canyon, head over the top of the mountain and either into the backside of Park City or Midway. This year we are going to take the Park City route because we need to get Micah some winter clothes at the outlets up there. We look forward to this every year, and I am happy it will be a cold wet rainy day tomorrow. PERFECT! It is our official beginning to the holiday season. Hopefully I will get the Halloween decorating done this weekend too!
Oh yeah - I forgot about Jennifer... that's me. I am in school and working towards a bachelors in Interior Design. I am going to the Art Institute of Salt Lake City. (and no... it's not that dumb art school you see on tv where they send you a "drawing test" of a duck and you have to copy it!) So far I am loving it and can't wait to finish. Wait til I get my hands on our official 1st house that we own. Man, I am going to town! 
I am also looking for a job... part time. 
Sean and I just got called to the activities committee in our ward and Micah is back in nursery after a short stint in Sunbeams. The Primary president messed up and put him in there even after we told her he was still a bit young for it. But, he got a part in the primary program and rocked it before they noticed the mistake and moved him back. Dang It! It was like advanced placement Primary! My child is SO smart... he he! 

So - I guess that's it for now. I better get busy on emailing everyone so they can see my lovely post!

Love the Hairs

Monday, May 5, 2008

My first Blog

Hello - I don't know how to blog and I asked Hook how to help me and she's good for nuthin!